Conga Videos

Conga drumming helps allows Conga Dan to explore life, nature, current events and philosophy. Check me out at Conga Videos

Conga Dan discusses atoms, molecules and the parts of an atom in the periodic table of elements. Hydrogen and oxygen unite to form water and sodium and chlorine combine to create salt. While playing his harmonica he discusses the impact of pollution in the water table and the water cycle. Evaporation, condensation and precipitation are the steps in the water cycle. Electrons protons and neutrons are the building blocks of the universe.

Conga Dan plays his drum and discusses the Day of mourning for all the Canadian workers who lost their lives in workplace accidents. He is a survivor of a 35 foot fall that broke his wrists elbows femur and shattered his kneecap. Make the work place safe for all Canadian workers.

Conga Dan gets up close and personal with Port Hope’s yearly wildlife visitors. The Canada Goose family seem comfortable on the bank of the Ganaraska River. Geese hiss like a snake or cat if threatened but these know they are movie stars.

With all the recent rain fall Port Hope’s east beach is almost completely submerged by the great lake. Conga Dan plays his harmonica and walks the shore and part of the lakefront trail. The path is quickly lost in the water and the erosion makes the trail impassable.